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M.A.D. House Productions works with small businesses and corporations to create visual content that enables brands and businesses to stand out from the crowd so they can increase customer relations, attract new customers, and increase their sales through brand visibility and strategic marketing. 

​As a Cinematographer and director pair, both have worked in the field for a combined 15 years. They worked together on various sets for commercials, movies, music videos, and web television series, etc. Both are also award-winning filmmakers. Unique things about Doryan include is excellent skills in editing, color correction, motion graphics, and more. Mackleen's unique experiences include print media, screenplay, blog, and article writing.  She also has a producing background, which helps in managing budgets, schedules, and moving projects forward. 

Video Content | Business | Startups | Corporate | The Arts

Both come from corporate and academic backgrounds. When Doryan is not working on set, he is working at Turner Broadcasting as a Highlights Editor for NBA TV. Mackleen worked as a college professor for over 12 years.

​The best part of working with M.A.D. House is working with this pair and their experienced production team. Together, they would be a great asset to whatever you are developing or trying to create.  They both have flexible schedules that allow them to work with clients and produce fantastic content for your consumers. 

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